July 15, 2007

Weekend reflection - 15 July 2007

In the kitchen
I followed the menu plan 100% and even managed to make Lorie's sweet and sour chicken. Of course, being me, I made many modifications but here's what it looked like.

I also made a batch of pizza both on Saturday and on Sunday because we just polished all of this off. I am now making normal pizza, focaccia and cinnamon pizza. Woohoo.

Cinnamon pizza
Sprinkle dough LIBERALLY with cinnamon and sugar

Pour a tablespoon of olive oil (for my size focaccia), 1 teaspoon garlic and spread. I use my basting brush because it does the job very nicely.
Sprinkle with coarse sea salt, Italian herbs.
Enjoy the garlicky goodness :-)

I assessed someone for the last time at the old church building. It is the end of an era and I was very sad.

Date night on the couch
  1. We hired our very first DVD after church on Sat night- Must Love Dogs. Isn't John Cusack hunky?!
  2. I know - we're still living in the last century. We bought a DVD/ VCR combo about ten days ago and I'm still not keen on it, to be honest. My old VCR can do so much more (index function being the main thing) so I am wasting time fast forwarding and rewinding this new LG. Grrr - you know how I hate wasting time.
  3. Then on Sunday, we raced out to CUM books (Christian bookstore). Do you know that even though they were having a sale, I spent a shocking amount of money?!

  1. We had power cuts on two days (Wed and Thurs) so I was behind with everything. And then, instead of catching up, I actually decided to not work the whole weekend until Sunday night. I decided I need to enjoy my life more so I'm trying to work less - 1 hour computer time a day. That doesn't include reading blogs though! I'm cutting down, not going crazy :-)
  2. Had a wonderful time management coaching session on Friday. I think I must start selling my TM stuff. I can only help some people at a time but if my materials are out there, so many more people can get control of their time!!!


annie said...

I'm replying to your comment:

Yes, I have my menu skeleton in excel... monday/beef... tues/chicken etc. and then I have a list of past meals. I plug in different meals for the current week and then make my grocery list on the same sheet, including prices and a total. I print the area with just the menu and the list and I'm done.

How are you? We're good, it was a good weekend.

Lorie said...

So, you put in carrots and ate it on pasta? Looks good! I always eat it with rice.

Hey, I do not think that I have ever been over on this blog I will have to add it to my favorites!

I got your tag, btw!