July 24, 2007

Time travel Tuesday - when we met our husbands

I met Dion at Rhodes University. I kind of knew him vaguely by sight because we were in the same dining hall (Drostdy Hall) - he was a 4th year at Oakdene and I was a first year in Prince Alfred House.

One day I was having a shower and I heard one of the girls calling my name on the intecom, telling me I had a visitor. I wasn't expecting anyone but thought maybe one of my girlfriends popped in. So I grabbed my bathrobe, put it on and pulled a towel around my head and dashed upstairs (the main floor was upstairs)... to find Dion.

After introducing himself, he explained why he was there. He was making a video (he studied TV and Film) and wanted me to dance for him (ballet moves). Of course, I thought he was a weirdo pervert and said,"No thanks, I don't think so". Despite him trying his persuasive skills, I was as stubborn as I still am and said NO!

I'd been out of practice for about 5 months and didn't want to be filmed, dancing terribly. I was one of the best dancers at my ballet school and had an image to protect :)

Of course, after that introduction (weird but at least we have a story) I saw him around in the dining hall more and more. He was and still is, a very intense sort of person, always working hard. I have loosened him up a lot!
I already told all of you about our first date. There's a picture of the famous dining hall at that link. And of course, the rest is history!
This was taken on 12 Dec 06 at Rhodes - admin block. Grahamstown was freezing that day and we were so not prepared for the cold.

Guess what I found? Our wedding invite, written by my incredibly talented husband. Tell me what you think.
Please excuse the horrible photo - I don't have a scanner so I took the picture from the album. I can NOT believe how young I looked (20).

Coaching tip
Focus on what made you fall in love with your husband or wife. Sometimes the very things we loved in the beginning start irritating us afterwards. So focus on the beginning, okay?


Irritable Mother said...

Just one question, what do you say when he asks you to dance for him now? *wink*

annie said...

Karen is hilarious! *wink*

What a sweet story and love the equally sweet wedding invitation.

Good tip. When I wrote mine I was thinking I would never kiss Matt and would be grossed out if he was perspiring like he was that first day.

Thanks for the prayers btw

Renee's Ramblings said...

Great story and thanks for the tip! Have a great rest of the week.

Joyful Days said...

Neat story and good advice!

Marcia said...

Annie, she is funny, isn't she?

Of course, now I dance for him willingly :)

It is strange how we change. Dion and I were actually discussing this very thing last night - the opposites attract and then can't stand each other syndrome :)

Lu said...

Love the story! Thanks for coming by!

annie said...

I gave you an award Marcia, come see!

Nancy Face said...

Your story was so fun to read! Such a crazy way to meet, haha! I loved it! :) Good advice, too!

annie said...

Hey Marcia,
did you get the email I sent?

Coach J said...

I LOVE your wedding invitation!! How creative. Dion did an excellent job! And I enjoyed reading your story.

Ali la Loca said...

Marcia, this is a great story!

By the way, you are tagged over at my blog. You've probably already done this meme, but I thought of you and tagged anyway.

Hope you and D. are well.