July 03, 2007

Spring reading thing - books read

I've been updating my reading list and thought I'd quickly post the 16 books I read during the Spring Reading Thing:

  1. Just between us - Cathy Kelly
  2. 1000 best quick & easy organizing secrets - Jamie Novak
  3. State of the Union - Douglas Kennedy
  4. Bed of roses - Daisy Waugh
  5. The hundred secret senses - Amy Tan
  6. Little earthquakes - Jennifer Weiner
  7. Hot stuff - Elaine Fox
  8. Sam's letters to Jennifer - James Patterson
  9. The chocolate run - Dorothy Koomson
  10. The seed handbook - Lynne Franks
  11. Making your mind up - Jill Mansell
  12. Seven week itch - Victoria Corby
  13. Call after midnight - Tess Gerritsen
  14. Chasing the dime - Michael Connelly
  15. The one you really want - Jill Mansell
  16. The complete idiot's guide to organizing your life - Georgene Lockwood

Have you read any of these? What did you think?

Read my wrap-up post here.

Reading goals

  • I am a little below my reading goal of 7 per month.
  • If I break that down, I am waaaay below my non-fiction goal of 2 per month. For the year, I've only read 6 non-fiction.
Too much blogging = not enough reading!

How are you doing with your reading this year?


Pam said...

Hi Marcia! I finally made it over to your blog to read about you. Loved reading your 100 things. I missed my 100th post, and plan on doing my 100 things to celebrate my 200th.

I didn't know you were in SA! It is so much fun to make friends all over the world though blogging!

As far as reading this year goes...one of my new years resolutions was to read my Bible every day. I was doing well for a while, but not so great lately. Also for a while, I was reading while my daughter settled down for a nap, but lately she won't settle unless I lay down with her. I have always loved to read, but right now I just don't have much time. I am trying to read aloud more to my children. I know how important it is.

Love your blog. Thanks for all your encouraging words on mine!

Loving Annie said...

Haven't read any of them ! And I love to read !
I tend to read three fiction novels a week, and rarely pick up non-fiction.
The closest to something non-fiction I've read this year would be the recent book on Pearl Harbor by Newt Gingrich.