July 30, 2007

Looking back at...last week

I'm behind on weekend reflections, so without further ado...
  1. I had my six-monthly dental appointment on Thursday. I really, really hate going to the dentist (worse than the gynae) especially since my regular one is on maternity leave but since I was a month overdue, I went anyway. Turns out I need a root canal redone and TWO other fillings. All because I don't floss regularly. Grrr. I hate this especially because it's my own fault!
  2. Dion had a birthday on Friday. He's not much for socials with lots of people so wanted me all to himself :-) We went to a lovely restaurant called The Raj at Nelson Mandela Square. The food was absolutely delicious and the service was outstanding. Our waitress had the most beautiful smile and yes, I told her. I thought that smile couldn't get any bigger but it did :)
  3. Speaking of socials, we went out with other friends on Tuesday evening. The husband is a drummer and he teaches at the National School of the Arts. I was absolutely fascinated by how much work is required to just be a reasonably good musician. He was telling us that in all his years of teaching, he's only ever come across one "genius" child. Everyone else has had to do it the old-fashioned way by practice and more practice.
  4. Other than those two planned meals out, we mostly stuck to the menu plan.
  5. I've been baking up a storm. I baked some chocolate chip cookies on Monday (won't do those again - too much chocolate, not enough dough), some apple-cinnamon muffins on Thursday and again yesterday (vanilla-chocolate) (so Dion could take to work).
  6. If you're subscribed to my weekly tips, I mentioned my computer data problems in the newsletter last week. I have now become paranoid with backing everything up - let's see how long this lasts. It is not fun so please please please do a back-up of your data.
  7. I broke my gym laziness and finally dragged myself to the salsa dancing class on Wed. My word - when you haven't gone for 10 days or so, you start feeling really old. Or is it just me?!
  8. We took Wimbledon out on DVD and I loved it. I love tennis, British self-depracating humour and anything to do with the mental side of sport. (Let's not get me started on the South African cricket team, okay?!). And Dion and I are loving the director's commentaries on the DVD. It is fascinating.
  9. Also had breakfast in 14 degree winter weather (outside!!!) with someone who came to my Organising Workshop last year. It was so lovely catching up again.
  10. And then...we moved to our new church building this weekend and ... it was outstanding. I was the Japanese tourist, taking pictures of everything! The worship music was just awesome. I actually can't explain it - but wonderful!!! In true Marcia style, we checked exact distances and figured out the quickest and shortest way to the new building (T, if you're reading, it's the airport highway). Yes, 3.2 km shorter than the other highway :)

This week I'm looking forward to

  • Going out with a friend tomorrow night
  • Chatting to Jenny online on Wednesday
  • Getting together with some other friends on the weekend

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