July 18, 2007


Dion sent me an email today:
This sounds like you...
Actress Julia Stiles being interviewed about directing a short film:

MM: Did you find directing to be more or less challenging than you
JS: I absolutely loved every minute of it! I loved having to solve problems constantly. I loved collaborating... I loved racing the clock but having to stay focused.

It does although I prefer to play the role of the producer. A director seems to be more artistic (and we know I do not have one artistic bone in my body!)

I must tell you something really weird/ interesting.

In my youth(!), I participated in a programme called Junior Achievement. We happened to talk about JA the other day at work and one of my colleagues said this when he heard I'd also been involved, "Marcia, you were probably the production director".

He was spot on! That was exactly what I did. Apparently it is obvious that that's the role I'd fulfill. Hmm :-)

But back to you.

If you were involved in a film project, which role would you like to play and why?

BTW, can you tell I'm in love with wikipedia?


Bren said...

I would be the person in the background bringing drinks and goodies to everyone. I am hospitality oriented. I would also clean up everyones mess!!

Marcia said...

Oh how wonderful - I love people like you!

annie said...

I would have to be the star! :o)
(do you love people like me too Marcia?)