July 09, 2007

Your daily dose of self-esteem

This is my friend Mandy. I was blogging photos on another blog when I found these that I never blogged from 21 Dec 2006.

I wish you could meet her - she is so comfortable in her skin and I love that about her. That and her love for things pink and purple :-)

Mandy has always been such an encouragement to me - she always writes me nice emails when she can relate to an article that I publish and I still have the Christmas card she sent me one year that says, "thanks for inspiring me". Funny thing - that year lots of people told me the same thing. Hmm :-)

The Bible says we're to encourage ourselves in the Lord so I have a document called positive feedback. Everytime someone sends me a nice email, I copy and paste the text into this document to have a look through when I feel discouraged.

Do you have a similar system?

If not, today I want to encourage you. You are valuable and precious, and you are special just the way you are.

Copy that sentence into a document, enlarge it and stick it up where you can see it every day.

Have a great day!

P.S. Today a colleague walked past my cube so I said, what a gorgeous jersey! She said, thanks Marcia, I thought so too but nobody said anything. So I said, well then, please come see me every morning for your dose of self-esteem. LOL!


annie said...

You are way more than a coach or organizer Marcia, you are an encourager to the core and what a great job you do!!!
♥ ya!

Marcia said...

And so are you!