July 08, 2007

Weekend reflection - 8 July 2007

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All went well in the kitchen. We followed our menu plan at home but because I was on a course, I didn't eat so well for 2 days. More later...


  • We received a bill of R5000-odd from Jhb Connect. When a standard month is around R600, imagine my shock and horror.
  • Yes, I phoned to query and after putting them through my millions of questions, I am content that we have to pay! Apparently they haven't been billing us correctly for our rates and taxes since we moved in here over 18 months ago.
  • My new sideboard arrives tomorrow and I can't wait. All my crockery, tablecloths, etc. are just ready and waiting to go into the new one. Yes, I'll post pictures.

  • This post really disturbed me on so many levels. First, the fact that I respect this blogger and yet I really feel like this is such bad judgement to post so openly on the state of your (bad) marriage. Then secondly, the fact that most of the commenters agreed that she was right! Now I know people who read your blog generally like you so they'll agree with you but c'mon people!! What do you think?
  • Barb's going to be a grandma again! Other than that, seemed like it was quiet in blogland.
  • I received mail from Annie. This time, I begged Dion to come to the post office with me so he could double-park while I ran in. I was at the door at 12.57 but they were closed so I phoned the manager (I could see them inside), told her my sob story and she let me in to get my package.
  • This was undoubtedly one of the week's highlights. Look at the keyring!!! To think that halfway across the world Annie made ME a keyring. Amazing - thanks again, Annie. I love all my stuff! (Dion loves the words in the card and so do I).

  • Seems like no-one was interested/ could make my online chat. Oh well - try not to let these things get me down when I have so many blessings.
  • BUT I had a lovely chat with Allison and then an unexpected chat with an ex-PDM consultant, now living in the UK.
  • Worked hard on my articles this week and submitted 3 new ones to Ezine Articles.

First Aid course
  • I was on a first aid level 1 course on Wed and Thurs. It was such fun and I got to know a few new people (if you're reading, hello!!!).
  • A few things stand out - our main function is to keep the person alive and breathing. When things are as clear as this (literal life and death situation), it really makes you think about the big things in life. The instructor told us the difference between everybody at a scene living or dying is whether you can think clearly and follow the rules! Scary but exhilarating stuff.

I'm grateful for

  • My new heater
  • Some extra time off this week (the course finished earlier than expected)
  • Money in the bank!


annie said...

Yeah! I'm glad it arrived to you so very far away. Amazing how the computer connects you to friends that otherwise you would never know. I love that. I also love that you were able to persuade the post office to let you have your package. I think I'd be out of luck here.

Suzanne said...

Ok, your comment about the whole "blog" post, I think I am beyond disgusted. That's about all I will say on that one.

The fact that you got great gifts is so much fun! I have the ME file folders that you have the book of. Just love them!

Glad we think a like, my co-author friend!!!

Marcia said...

Annie, Dion said I "forced" them to open for me. I call it gentle but firm persuasion :-)

Suzanne, I know!!!! I kept going back to reread - almost like you can't stop watching the scene of an accident!

Coach J said...

I'm going to read that entry in just a minute, but I wanted to say first, that next time you have a chat session, and if you have some "personal time" afterwards, or whatever, I'd like to join :) if I'm available. I do like hearing your advice on organizing, but I feel like maybe since my life is too busy to do that right now, I shouldn't take up your valuable time that someone else can use. ;)