June 03, 2007

Weekend reflection - 3 June 2007

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date night
Well, we had a mini date night on Tuesday when we went to Mimmos and as I mentioned last week, we want to go see Fracture so that's happening in an hour or so after I blog this and my menu plan for the week. This is the Mimmo's takeaway Fettucine Alfredo (I promised Sandra I'd take pictures but my batteries were flat).

health and fitness
Went to gym twice - woohoo! i'm telling everyone that I'm going so that i am accountable. I ran into one lady (from the Salsa dance class) and said, see you Wednesday, so even though I don't feel like going, I won't be called a liar, so I drag myself there and once I'm there, I'm fine.

Eating is okay although it is getting harder to continue eating the fruits and drink all my water when it's so cold. I found that forcing myself to drink a glass of water before each cup of coffee/ tea is doing wonders.

Sent out a reminder for my Financial Freedom programme on Monday and my newsletter on Thursday.

Had a wonderful organising consultation yesterday - I really do love doing home offices and especially for those with their own business.

Do you want to book a virtual session with me?

Stuck to the menu plan perfectly Mon - Wed. On Thurs we had the Mimmos leftovers and on Friday Dion had a work function in the afternoon so he wasn't hungry. So I boiled up some spinach and ricotta pasta and had some hot and spicy tomato pasta sauce with that - yum.

I also tried Sandra's quick pizza yesterday and it really is quick and easy so I am super-excited!!! I kept one to use for this week.

I also made Bindi's yoghurt muffins (apple and cinnamon) and took those to our team meeting on Friday morning. I'm not 100% happy with the results but they still got lots of compliments. I'll refine them a bit and when I'm 100% happy, I'll blog the results and my revised recipe.

I loved seeing Annie take a strong stand this week. That truly was my highlight.

I really opened up and blogged my 100 things about me and our first date. And met some South African bloggers as a result - how cool is that?

Speaking of dates, I need to finish up and get ready for our...millionth...date


annie said...

Even your leftovers look delicious, that must be a great place to eat. It really sounds like you had a great week. If I was in SA, I would give you a big hug!

ps... did you read on my earlier post about how I have to organize my (scary awful) full pantry to make room for my new little freezer... well today is the day.

bindi said...

Hi Marcia, I'm pleased that you tried the recipe. What do you think was the problem, cooking time or taste, eg the yogurt tang? Did you use fresh or tinned apples?

Either way, I'm looking forward to the revised version. Happy baking!

Marcia said...

Hi Bindi

They were a bit hard so I think it was cooking time or I think it might be a liquid thing.

I used fresh apple. I grated one, medium apple into the mix.

I'm going to try again this week - bought the yoghurt and everything so I am ready!

Marcia said...

Annie, it really was my week’s blogging highlight. I did the happy dance over here!

Just realised I didn't link to that post - going to do that now.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very good week. I wish I could get to that exercising thing. I need to get motivated. Have a great week this week!

Marcia said...

Judi, I am literally dragging myself to the gym but last night, I really loved the class so am inspired anew.