June 24, 2007

Weekend reflection - 24 June 2007


  • followed the menu plan all the way through
  • made some more of Sandra's pizza - yum! Will have to post the recipe and pictures later this week. Did a normal pizza and 2 foccaccia and they were good. This is my 3rd attempt so I think I'm getting better.

health and fitness

  • I weighed the same as the previous week so I didn't bother to post it. However, for the last couple of days, I've weighed less. Hopefully this stays for the next couple of days so I can report less weight.
  • And I didn't make anything sweet this weekend - only cooked real food so there were no temptations.
  • Had my fitness assessment and was very pleased with the results

out and about/ reading

  • Dion and I went to the library on Saturday and for the first time in MONTHS, all the copies of The Joy Luck Club were out. Amazing!
  • After that, we had a lovely lunch of chicken schnitzels at Aromas in Killarney
  • Finished the book in time for the Spring Reading Thing and ended with 16 in the 3 months. Not bad for me but not great either.
  • Also read a Christian novel this weekend - Mixed Signals by Liz Curtis Higgs. Very nice.


  • Annie and I finally outsmarted the evil email system and got each other's addresses
  • Barb had a wedding - can't wait to read all about it
  • Got my first award - that Lorie is just the sweetest thing


  • Finally got the computer back and it is working fine.
  • I'm up to date on replying to emails on both the computer and the laptop


  • Tidied up my other blog's sidebar - it is now perfectly organised for the moment. Now this blog needs some work. I'm not happy with any of it - that's why it keeps changing its look.
  • Registered for sitemeter - oh my word, it is addictive.
  • Made a new form to organise my business routines and habits better
  • Wrote one article for another online newsletter (I will also use for my mailing list).

grateful for
-Blog awards
-Website sales
-Health and happiness


annie said...

Great weekend reflection Marcia!
I so enjoyed visiting today with you.
You're probably deep asleep now :o)
Come back tomorrow for TTT, we are traveling to an interesting day... :o)

Marcia said...

Thanks Annie - glad you enjoyed it.

I LOVED chatting to you. I was on a high the whole evening. Dion thinks we should do it regularly. He loves hearing me laugh :)

JennaG said...

So sorry that I have neglected you lately. You had asked about B's knee--he is doing wonderfully--he even mowed the lawn on Sunday afternoon. He is going to physical therapy and doing very well. He has his gum surgery scheduled for Aug 8--yuck. Hope all is well with you.