June 17, 2007

Weekend reflection - 17 June 2007

It's been a very frustrating week. My computer's been running slower and slower and I suddenly realised - it's like I have dial-up again!!! So I recognised this as a yellow flag (I think that's what Jack Canfield calls it) and got the computer taken into the shop.

A yellow flag is a warning signal that we are aware of but often ignore. Like when a women's husband is out all hours of the night, on business trips all the time and suddenly he announces that he's met someone else and is leaving her. She is shocked and can't believe it as she had no idea. The being away from home all the time is the yellow flag.

Anyway, so I didn't want my computer to totally crash before I figured out that my yellow flag is the slow speed. I've now switched to my laptop and it's like heaven again - fast internet again. Only thing is my husband took the thing in before I had a chance to respond to all my downloaded emails so Danel, that's why I haven't answered you yet. I think that was the only one that needed a reply.

health and fitness
Got to the gym twice last week - yay! Stuck to the menu plan and lost a whole 0.1kg.

I have my biokineticist appointment tomorrow and can't wait to see what he says. This is probably the most unfit I've been in the last 4 years!

blogging & business
This week I blogged a lot on health-related things and my weekly tips mailing was also on health. I realize again and again why I love blogging – it’s the immediate feedback you get after you write a post.

Half the time with my weekly mailings I never know if anybody’s reading or if they’re impacting anybody. Then I got 2 excellent testimonials this week. I wrote about the one in my weekly mailing (but I also need to blog it) and the other arrived after the mailing had gone out so will include that this week.

This week my main focus when working ON my business is writing – I’m scheduling 30 minutes every week to work on our book, Suzanne – and I have to send lots of articles (must just tidy them all up) to my virtual assistant to submit to the article directories.

You know about my handbag obsession, right?

Well, a few weeks ago I fell in love with another one. It’s the companion to my gorgeous green wallet and made by Jekyll & Hide. Now it was so expensive and is actually the most expensive item of clothing/ accessories I’ve ever owned!

So I made a deal with myself (even though I could easily pay for it because it seems almost criminal) – if I could raise half the money by selling some of my old bags, then I’d get it.

And I did!!! So I went to get it today!!! I still have lots of bags to sell because once I got stuck into the decluttering, I couldn’t stop.

I’m going to really push to get that last book done in time for the Spring Reading Thing. Stay tuned to see what lessons I learnt and my answers to all the questions that Katrina’s asked all participants to answer.

grateful for
-Lots of downtime with Dion this weekend
-Lots of sleep
-Good books
-Blog friends
-Lots of bag sales :-)

If you want to participate in Weekend Reflection, please go visit Judi.


annie said...

Great week Marcia! What a fun way to get that wallet you wanted.
I never received the reply you sent. I'm not sure what the problem is. I get emails at both email addresses from others. I really do want to get your address though (you did get mine right?) I guess we are stuck communicating via comments so if you will comment with your address I will delete it after I save it?
Hope you are having a great weekend.
I had water with my 'anniversary' lunch today and thought of you as I sipped it from the straw :o)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great week. I love a good handbag myself. I need to sell some of mine to buy the one I really want. That's a great idea. Did you sell your's on eBay?