June 10, 2007

Weekend reflection - 10 June 2007

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date night
Last Sunday after my blogging, we want to go see Fracture and I loved it. I don't enjoy going to the movies very much in the first plarece (can't sit still) and when I do go, my first preference is romantic comedies so I always forget how much I enjoy a good legal drama. Both Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling were very good and we both enjoyed it.

Then on Tuesday, we went to see The Lion King at Montecasino. Intellectually, I know it was excellent (set design, costumes, acting, etc.) but I couldn't enjoy it very much because I was so hot. Anyone who knows me knows that I get cold very quickly so if I said it was hot, then it was very hot. I took off everything I could but it was still hot. I was sweating inside my corduroy pants. I started feeling light-headed and that's when I stopped enjoying the show. Yes, I drank water (600ml just in the first half) :)

health and fitness
Went to gym on Monday and skipped Wed but I did work out with weights.
Was down 0.3kg this week - woohoo - I know you think I'm crazy but I celebrate everything!
The eating is going fine - and I am drinking green tea to keep me regular :)

Visited the hairdresser yesterday for a colour. I have been counting down the days til I could go see her so yippee! This week a client was talking to me (not the thoughtful one below ;) ) and started staring at me. I immediately said, "my appointment is on Saturday!" because I knew he was staring at my grey hair - ugh!

I had a wonderful coaching session on Thursday with a fantastic person. DB, thanks for the sweet email you sent me afterwards.

The menu plan went well except for Thursday because we had Wednesday's leftovers. I will blog the low-fat creamy pasta recipe next week - promise!

Today I went mad in the kitchen though - lots of slicing, dicing, cooking and baking going on. Made some more pizza for tonight's supper, muffins for fun and some easy meals for the week.

I was blog-surfing through some blogs and found this old post over at Raising Five. I love it!!
Been very busy over at the Organising Queen blog. I can't stop it - I just keep thinking of good things to say (or so I think).

Read my post on how to keep your blog reading under control. And that's exactly what I did which is why I got a lot of "real" reading done this weekend.

spring reading thing
there are only 11 days left before the Spring Reading Thing is up. I have read 15 books since we started (my goal was 12) - of those, only 2 are non-fiction (1 in March and 1 in May)!

So far for June, I've read Chasing the Dime by Michael Connelly (what do you mean, you don't read him?! Everything he writes is at least a 9 out of ten) and The one you really want - Jill Mansell (also a 9 - loved this book).

I don't know if I have the discipline to read nothing but non-fiction until the end. If I do this, I may finish my books. But if nothing else, I do want to finish the current non-fiction I'm busy with - Idiot's guide to organizing your life.

Have a great week, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great week. I am still jealous of those date nights. I can not stand to be hot. Ack. Hope you have a great week this week too!