June 14, 2007

Thursday 13 - 13 ways you can make a difference

Somebody I've admired for ages recently started a blog and asked me how I have enough content to keep both blogs full all the time. The truth is I've developed Bloggers' Focus - where you have so much to say that you have to write it all down lest it disappear from your busy mind!

Anyway, so I've wanted to write this post for about a week - and yes, it was on my blogging list.

About two weeks ago our pastor spoke on the fact that we can ALL make a difference. So I started thinking about how (you know how practical I am) and here are 13 ways I came up with:
  1. smile at a stranger

  2. wave hello to a passing motorist (in Jhb, the people will faint from the shock of friendliness and think you're a tourist!)

  3. tell someone that they're special

  4. send a nice "no reason" email

  5. pay for someone in the queue behind you

  6. buy lunch or coffee for a friend

  7. cook a meal for a neighbour

  8. bake muffins for the office

  9. if you remember someone talking about something on a blog, go back days later and send them helpful links

  10. link to someone for no reason

  11. (still on the blogging topic) leave a thoughtful comment, not just a "nice post" comment

  12. tell someone you love them

  13. reach out to someone less privileged. Get a doggie bag when you eat out and give the food to the beggar on the corner.

Bonus - edited to add

I've just been to the mall and as I was paying for my parking before exiting, I offered the parking attendant a toasted coconut marshmallow (since I was eating them). Of course she said yes (they are delish) but you had to see the guy's shocked face in the queue behind me. Priceless!

I can go on and on, but it is Thursday Thirteen!

What other ways can you think of?


annie said...

I don't know if you remember me posting about this, but a while back at a fast food place (chickfila) we pulled up to the drive thru and the lady said, "the person in front of you paid your ticket." I almost cried. I had been having a terrible morning and this was like God smiling at me. Of course I paid it on and did the same for the car behind me. He sped up beside us to wave and mouth thank you. It was the most fun I've had in a while. I love that. It wasn't about the money, it was just that someone cared and it felt God driven... I like your tt & I like you!

Tammy said...

I haven't had a toasted coconut marshmellow since I was a kid - absolutely adore them! I would have taken you up on it too!

My first visit but I'll be back, great posts! Tam