June 21, 2007

Spring reading thing - wrap up

I had 12 books on my list – 6 fiction and 6 non-fiction and therein lies the problem.
I finished 16 in total - 8 of these 12 and an additional 8, all fiction!

What was the best book you read this spring?
Hmmm – it’s a toss up between The hundred secret senses – Amy Tan and Chasing the dime – Michael Connelly.

I rate each book I read and actually, 6 of them got 9 out of 10. I chose these two because intellectually I know I love these authors but I keep forgetting just how much until I read one of their books again.

And the weird thing? I still have not read Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club! However, we are going to the library on Saturday and I’m going to get it. Just writing this post made me start anticipating the whole reading of it. Can't wait!

What book could you have done without?
Hot stuff – Elaine Fox (enough said)

Did you try out a new author this spring? If so, which one, and will you be reading that author again?
A couple come to mind
Daisy Waugh – no, I will not read her again
Jennifer Weiner – a real pleasant process of discovery for me. Read my "Little Earthquakes" review. This is on the best books list (9 out of 10)

If there were books you didn't finish, tell us why. Did you run out of time? Realize those books weren't worth it?
My library due date rolled around for the one fiction I didn’t finish; I realised that I didn’t feel like I even wanted to renew so that was that (life is too short).

I could have finished the other 3 non-fiction if I’d remained disciplined but sadly, I’m not when it comes to reading. That’s me – I’ve accepted it. I’m allowed to be undisciplined somewhere J

Did you come across a book or two on other participants' lists that you're planning to add to your own to-be-read pile? Which ones?
I didn’t really go looking. Although I saw Queen of the Castle when I was on holiday, bought it and then when I saw it on Lara’s and Kim’s blogs, started reading. I am about a ¼ in but I stopped to finish my last book for this challenge.

What did you learn -- about anything -- through this challenge? Maybe you learned something about yourself or your reading style, maybe you learned not to pick so many nonfiction books for a challenge, maybe you learned something from a book you read. Whatever it is, share!
Not to pick so many non-fiction. Next time it will be 4 fiction to every non-fiction (much more realistic but still challenging).
I fizzle with writing reviews - did you notice I got up to 11 books and 12 to 16 are conspicuously absent. Okay, I just finished number 16 two hours ago :-)
I realised I read nothing that other people read and I don’t follow others at all, even if something got a fabulous review. Weird.

What was the best part of the Spring Reading Thing?
Getting through those 3 non-fiction staring at me longingly from my bookshelf.

Would you be interested in participating in another reading challenge this fall?
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Katrina said...

I may have to join you on a higher fiction-to-nonfiction ratio in the future, since I'm the same way. :) Oh and I'm a fan of Michael Connelly, too, though it's been a while since I picked up one of his. Thanks for joining the Spring Reading Thing!

Debi said...

I'd say you did an amazingly great job! My husband LOVES Michael Connelly, but I have yet to read any of his books. (I do have 12 of them in my nightstand waiting to be read though.)

Marcia said...

Oh Debi - you have to start reading him. I love, love, love his books!

Barbara H. said...

It takes me much longer to get through non-fiction, too, even when I really want to read it.

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

I've never read Connelly, but I might look into him. I read Good in Bed by JW and really liked it. I liked the movie version of In Her Shoes, so I've been meaning to read some other books of hers. Thanks for the reminder.