June 27, 2007

Snow in Africa!

This morning we woke to beautiful snow. It is the first time I have seen snow, up close and personal.

Look at the sun just rising

In our backyard

I love this one - palm tree with snow! Crazy!

Through our kitchen window

Dion's footprints

My first snowball

One of my favourite streets (Innes Street, Observatory) - look at the sidewalks


Anonymous said...

Stunning - specially snow on the Palm tree - ha-ha...
It is also very cold in Cape Town -- but - unfortunately - no chance for a snow ball on the pavement
:-( ... Enjoy E

Jenny said...

A very special morning in Jo'burg with lots of beautiful "kodak" moments!

annie said...

Wow, what is the high temperature there today? It is so pretty! I love the snow on the palm tree. Amazing.
It's been kissed by God.

Irritable Mother said...

I love these pictures!
I had a pen-pal from Brazil who came to the US when we were at our coldest, and there was lots of snow. It was her first time experiencing snow and I had a great time teaching her how to make snow angels. (I did feel sorry that it was SOOOO cold, though!)
Hope you enjoy it!
By the way, VBS stands for Vacation Bible School. It's a week-long program for kids during the summer when they come to church and learn more about Jesus.

Megan@Disorder2Order said...

How cute!!!! Such a friendly little bit of snow.... reminds me of Florida snow.