June 20, 2007

My fitness assessment

I went for my bi-annual fitness assessment on Monday. The very first time I had this done was in May 2003 and at the time, I only had it done because of the Vitality points (with our medical aid, the more points you accumulate, the better discounts you get on airfare and hotels, etc. and we're all about jet-setting so saving is always good).

And then I was shocked when I was told that my fitness was poor (!) so I promptly joined the gym.

Now interestingly enough, I weighed 52kg then which just goes to show that thin is not necessarily healthier!

But since then, I go willingly and I can't wait to find out how I'm doing. It's only R155 and the medical aid will refund the money. Even if they didn't, I'd still go.

So these are my results in the 6 categories:
Smoking & drinking excellent (because I've never smoked and don't drink alcohol)
Blood pressure excellent (80/40 - on the low side)
Nutrition good (improved from last time - was acceptable)
Body composition acceptable (although BMI is normal, body fat is 1% higher than what it should be)
Physical activity acceptable (I know I need to increase this - too lazy)
Overall good

Interesting points
My step test was acceptable for my age!
  • Flexibility on the top part of my body (reaching) is excellent but in my
    legs (hamstrings) is just acceptable. The guy says I need to stretch my
    hamstrings after working out - well, I need to start this.
  • I am very good at sit-ups (good) but I totally suck at push-ups (low end of

  • Goals for next time

    1. Get those hamstrings sorted out
    2. Do better at the cardio.
    3. Do 43 sit-ups (to push me into excellent)
    4. Do 25 push-ups (to push me into good).
    5. I have my work cut out for me!

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