June 13, 2007

Is your body a temple?

I was chatting to a lady from my hip-hop class as we left the gym the other night.

I told her that I'd booked my bi-annual fitness assessment with the biokineticist for next Monday (I'll tell you all about it next week). And being the helpful person I am ;), I encouraged her to get an assessment done too.

You see, we only get one body and we have to take care of it.

Most of us treat our cars better than we do our bodies and yet, we can replace our cars fairly easily but once the body's wrecked, that's it!

We skip meals but we make sure our cars always have enough petrol (gas) and water. We allow our cars to warm up in cold weather but we rush ourselves and push our bodies too hard when we're not used to lots of exercise. Or we make sure to drive our cars regularly because we don't want flat batteries but we're quite content to have bodies that don't move!

Like this fitness assessment – it's only R155 whereas a car service costs anything from R700. And so what if the medical aid won't refund the money? I would get it done anyway.

So this week, I'm strongly encouraging you to take better care of your body.

1. Drink more water
Fill a one-litre bottle in the morning and one again after lunch, and make sure you get through all of it.

2. Start exercising
Five or ten minutes a day is better than nothing!

3.Go for your annual check-ups
Have you been to the gynae, the dentist and the optometrist recently? And if you're over 40, have you had a mammogram or prostate exam?

4. Get a fitness assessment done
The biokineticist will check your fitness level, blood pressure, heart rate, flexibility and best of all, your weight and body fat %.

5. Eat five servings of fruit and/ or vegetables daily
I break it up like this - a fruit with breakfast and one just after lunch; one serving of vegetables with lunch (on my sandwich) and two servings at supper time. Easy as that - you're done.

Make it your goal to phone up and schedule all the appointments, and then add one of the other points to your routine every week until you've got them all covered.

Remember, it's better to take the time to get healthy NOW than to land up in bed for weeks because you're sick later!

Please add your comments and hold use this to yourself accountable.


Irritable Mother said...

Oh, you got me! I haven't been regular with exercising for a couple months. (Unless running up and down the stairs a hundred times per day counts!)
Seriously, just this morning I was thinking, "I really need to get back in my exercise routine." Perhaps that'll be my plan tomorrow morning.

Marcia said...

Hey Karen

thanks for visiting. It's also my biggest thing I need to up the ante on. But I went to the gym twice this week and tonight I'll do some weights!