June 25, 2007

How are you doing with your goals?

We're nearly halfway through the year so it's check-in time!

Those of you who have my goals workbook know that I talk about a regular review. It could be weekly, monthly, quarterly or every 6 months. It really depends on what works for YOU!

By the way, the fitness assessment I mentioned before forms part of my health and fitness goals for the year.

I look at my goals every day (because they're inside my wardrobe) but I do a more detailed form of goals planning once a month. I then take some of those goals and do something to move me closer to my goals every week.

Weekly planning is the best for me - I plan my business tasks, date night, gym, menu planning, EVERYTHING!

And then I schedule those weekly tasks and activities in my daily planner so that they get done. And mostly, they do :-) So that works for me. (I'm going to blog more about my system - with pictures! - so keep checking the Organising Queen blog ).

But back to you.

How are you doing with your goals?

Don't get caught up with the word "goals". Remember, it's what you want to get done. Your intentions, if you like.

1. If you wanted to lose some weight, how's that going for you?
2. Are you on track with your savings plan?
3. Have you planned your holidays?
4. Have you started your job search?
5. Are you living a more organised life?

(Did you know that the top 3 things most people want to do every year are get organised, lose weight and save money/ get out of debt).

Remember it's not too late and you are not behind - these are not New Year's resolutions so there's no deadline!

I'm sure you'd rather start working on something now than not at all. You can do anything in 15 minutes a day.

If you need some accountability, have a look at my coaching packages.

Do you have a plan to get you there?

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