June 29, 2007

Have you met Yvette?

Yvette is a client of mine who came on a goal-setting workshop I ran last January. She loved the workshop but because she wasn't in the right space mentally, she didn't do as well with her goal-setting as she would have liked.

Work and life happened and so did the whole "too much going on to think about my goals" syndrome.

Fast forward another few months and... the end of the year was in sight.

Yvette didn't want to be in the SAME place a year later so I suggested that she give the goal-setting thing another bash. When I run the workshops, I tell the people, "the principles ALWAYS work if you WORK the principles". It's true.

Anyway, she bought my e-book, 12 days to goal-setting success, just before she went off on her December holidays. You can buy it here.

Well, I bumped into her during February and she was radiant!!!

She used her holidays to start working through the e-book. And by working I mean writing all her goals down, creating her action plan and so on (I elaborate much more in the e-book, obviously).

She then started putting her plan into place and just two months after starting, had achieved not one, but TWO major goals.

She got her driver's licence AND she bought her first house. WOOHOO! Now, you'd swear I was her mother; I was that proud of her!

I'm telling you all this to INSPIRE you to action.

What are you waiting for?

Life is passing you by.

You can also be like Yvette and change your life one step at a time.

Remember goals are just the things you want to get done - don't get caught up on the word "goals".

Get the book here and start working through it by yourself OR email me/ give me a call on 0845047339 to schedule your 30-minute KICK-START YOUR GOALS session.

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annie said...

That is so cool Marcia!