May 26, 2007

Weekend reflections - 26 May 2007

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This week was the start of winter in Jhb. While I absolutely love the cold weather, I couldn't help but be really sad at the 54 people who died due to the cold this week. Makes me so grateful for heaters, my electric blanket and warm clothes.

baby news
My sister's baby boy was born yesterday. Both mom and baby are doing very well. I'm so happy for her. She is a little sore from the caesar but everything else is fine. Oh, and his name is Kadon.

date night
Dion and I went to see Fracture last night but because we could only get seats in the first couple of rows, we decided to see something else - Employee of the Month.

Jessica Simpson was a lot better than I expected! The movie was light entertainment, just what we needed after a long week.

I went to the gynae this week to get my weird cycles checked out. I'm going to do a bit of coaching here - when was the last time you got checked out? Have you had your PAP smear done? Do you need to get a mammogram done?

If you haven't been for more than a year, please go get your planner.... I'll wait..... and make a note to phone for an appointment. Let me know if you took my gentle proddings and did it.

I launched a new coaching programme this week - Financial Freedom. Yay!!! And I booked two new clients - coaching and organising!

I also got a great new idea from Suzanne (which went onto my Great Ideas list). I regularly run workshops and of course, develop material to work through in the session. I saw from Suzanne that she sells the material separate to the workshop if people want to buy it. Great idea, Suzanne.

I loved reading all the time travel posts that were hosted by annie. And seeing her gorgeous keychains.

Also enjoyed reading the eating out posts from the tagged bloggers, Suzanne, Beth and Ali. Ali's post made me drool.

And I'm working on my 100th post over at the organising blog.

I really need to start getting up earlier. I am blogging and emailing too much, and then reading very late.

I also need to get moving more so I can actually lose some weight on the challenge.

spring reading thing
I am so behind on the non-fiction. So this week I am going to be reading Organizing my Life.

things I am grateful for this week
my gorgeous husband
heaters, electric blankets and gloves
blogging friends


annie said...

Hey Marcia.
I have a keychain for you!
Congrats on Kadon!
I need to go to the gyn too, ugh...
I am not getting my planner, at least I'm honest...
can't wait to read your 100th post.


Linda said...

I heard about the deaths while I was shopping on the radio news.

LoveMyStarr said...

Congrats on your new nephew, Kadon! It's the beginning of summer here, and we're going to the lake today! Glad you guys are staying warm!

Anonymous said...

Ewww....winter. We are just starting summer. Congrats on the new nephew. What a joy! I always, always, have my yearly exams with the OBGYN. Stay warm and have a wonderful week!