May 19, 2007

Weekend reflections #1

I mentioned to Annie that I should start doing these weekend reflections so even though I forgot, I'm going to jump right in.

We were without water from Friday to Monday so had to go to Jhb Connect to sort out the problem. Fortunately by Mon evening it was sorted. We don't realise how much we take basic, basic things for granted. I realised last weekend that there are millions of people in this country who don't have running water and live like that permanently. And at least I had the luxury of jumping in my car and going to shower at the gym!

We stuck to our menu plan the whole week!

Bea came to clean on Thursday - huge excitement.

Health & fitness
I skipped my dance class both Mon and Wed. Mon there was this whole water thing and the house was a mess so we needed to get it all in order. Wed I did not feel well (flu) and didn't want to get worse.

I am not 100% better - am sleeping on a huge pillow so I don't wake up coughing - but so far, so good. Haven't had to take off any time from work.

However, I dropped some grams since last week, weigh-wise and now I've joined the challenge, that will keep me accountable. Today, I even refused cake. Cake, people!

Read a Jill Mansell - loved it!

Coached someone on Tuesday. I do love the ones where I help them with starting up new businesses. Thinking of starting a mastermind group for self-employed people.

Org challenge is done!
Loved getting to know Military Mommy a bit better.
Am up to date with Google Reader.

Had a friend over for coffee and pancakes on Thursday night.

Date night (thanks for reminding me, Jenny)
Dion emailed me on Thursday at work, "let's have date night on the couch in front of the TV. There's a romantic movie on SABC3". Of course I was keen! Guess what we watched? Something's Gotta Give. Wow - that house is beautiful. This time around I recorded it.

Our church is having farewell services this weekend because we're moving to a new building.

We went tonight and we'll go again tomorrow night. It was sooo emotionally draining. There were pastors there who have since started their own churches and who I haven't seen for years and years. They've been in this building for 26 years (and we've been there for 13 1/2 years) and they showed DVDs where the pastors were SO young! I cried and cried. Dion and I got married there 12 years ago!

Things I am grateful for
My health
My husband and best friend
Belonging to a church that is impacting people in a big way


Linda said...

I loved the way you organised your post, well done.

In a few towns here the water just ran out recently. Unbeleivable. Thankfully our town is doing well and it's raining!

annie said...

Of course your reflection is organized!
I was looking at your forms earlier, very cool.
Sounds like a great week Marcia (even without water...)

Military Mommy said...

You refused cake? You go girl! Wow. I am so proud. :) *Big Hugs*

Sorry to hear about the water. I know it stinks, but your right that it widens our perspective. I can see if made you thankful for what you've got. So that's a hugely :) good thing that came out of it!

I'm glad you got to read my blog. It's funny what you said - sometimes I too see people on WW and WFMW and then realize, hey - she's on my bloglines! :)

Have a great Sunday!

Mandalyn said...

I'm glad you had a good week--minus the flu! I hope you are completely well soon!

Cake is very hard for me to pass up!:)

Anonymous said...

You are very organized indeed. I am glad you joined in! Isn't it great to look back and see all the *good*? I can't believe you passed up cake. That is determination for ya! Have a blessed week!