May 30, 2007

Time travel Tuesday - first dates

I'm a whole day late but here you go, Coach J (or Jen-Jen), just for you.

Since I've only ever had very few first dates and only one long-term relationship (2 years) besides Dion, I'll tell you about our first date, shall I?

The short version is we went as friends but returned as a couple.

There you go - short and sweet!

Okay, seriously now...

The thing is that Dion loves movies (I can't explain how much - it's an obsession) and in fact, he studied TV and Film (more on that later). I studied science (microbiology, remember?) and we only had our practicals in the laboratory. My best friend majored in English and always had papers to write on this book and that book and so she couldn't go see many movies with me.

So I wanted to see a movie (Mississippi Masala) and I was begging her to come with me so he pipes up and says, "I'll go see it with you." Cool - so we made a plan for Saturday and he came to my res to pick me up.

Well, everything was just normal as we were walking to the movie theatre (nobody had cars in Gtn - v. small university town) but once inside, we were doing that thing where you're very aware of exactly how far your arm is from his and so on... And I think I stumbled in the dark so he reached out his hand to steady me...

Anyway, nice movie and afterwards, he wanted to go back because he had to film a lot of stuff the next day for an assignment, and edit it all. In those days I was a huge party girl (dancing on tables and so on...) so I said, "where's your sense of adventure?" Now you know guys and a threat to their manhood.

So we went to the Spur quickly for a drink and a plate of chips, then to the Vic where we did the dancing-on-the-table thing and then back to res where we exchanged a few kisses and decided to become a couple. Remember we'd been chatting up a storm every day for about 4 - 6 weeks.

Now interestingly enough, the next morning when I told my res friends, "Dion and I are now going out" (which is what we called it in those days - 1992), everybody said.....FINALLY.

Apparently they could see that we were headed that way but we had no idea. And so started a beautiful love story!

This was taken in front of Drostdy Hall when we went to Grahamstown in December 2006 for a friend's wedding. It's exactly where the magic happened all those years ago and that's why I love this picture so much.


KC said...

awwwwwwwww.. That is such a sweet story.. Thanks for sharing it.
Happy Time travel Tuesday(a day late) :)

annie said...

what a sweet story!

CoachJ said...

Yes! That was worth the read!! Dancin' on tables, huh?? And isn't it so true that everyone else can see you belong together before you are willing to "speak" it? That happened with us, too!