May 18, 2007

May Day Weight Loss Challenge

Look what I found happening in the blogosphere! Just what I need - some accountability. And can you believe that over 200 ladies have already signed up?! This runs from 8 May to 18 September. Just in time for Spring here in Jhb.

I won't bore you with the details but I haven't been on Weigh-Less for 2 months. I think my body's used to everything so I need to shake things up a bit, go do some more exercise, something!

I can't seem to comment on Typepad blogs for some reason (it's always been the case and is nothing new) so once I've posted this, I'll send Beth an email to join up.

I currently weigh 55.4 kg and my goal weight is 52kg. Quite honestly, if I get to 54kg, I'll be happier. That's where I was before Thailand last year and I felt very comfortable at that weight - healthy and full of vitality.

BTW, I have a small frame so even 1,4 makes a huge difference.

But obviously, the intention is to go all the way...

Let the games begin!

I use a health chart to keep track of my exercise minutes, fruit and veg portions and water consumption. What do you use?

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