May 24, 2007

High drama at the library/ Spring Reading Thing #10

Dion and I love books. Of course our favourite places are bookshops but since I refuse to pay for any fiction (since I fly through them so fast), we make a trip to the library every 3 weeks.

So the last time we went, the librarian starts arguing with Dion because of the outstanding fines. Dion had phoned in previously to renew the books and was told one amount on the phone. So he says to her in a very nice way, "but I was told Rx on the phone" and she starts flipping out. Oh my word. "Fine, pay me Rx but if I go to jail, you better come visit me". Trying to lay a guilt trip on him so he'd pay the higher amount.

I'm not a fan of screaming matches myself although I don't mind one but Dion? He hates any sort of confrontation. The good thing is he had his dates when he phoned. So I very calmly walked away because if she had to start on me, I'd tell her, "no, I am not visiting you and I don't really care if you go to jail or not".

Their system is flawed as we soon found out (and no, I didn't offer to sort it out for them but I was very tempted) because soon after we paid the reduced fines and walked away, something similar happened to another man. They wanted to know where some other books were and he said, "when were they taken out?" Turns out he wasn't even in the country on those dates.

But here's the thing. She shouts to her colleague who is filing books at the other end of the library, "Joseph, from now onwards we are changing the rules because of this man". He naturally takes exception to having the rules changed because of him because he is not even at fault and so the two of them start arguing properly. High drama in the library of all places.

Of course, everybody is pretending there is nothing out of the ordinary... la la la ...but everyone is listening and watching this spectacle out of the corner of their eyes.

You can't relax in such a tense atmosphere so we quickly selected some books and zapped it out of there.

So what are we going to do differently?
I said to Dion, from now onwards we are going to have a system. We are noting down time, date, who spoken to, exactly what was said, and taking that notebook with us every time. I'm not having some disorganised librarian getting on our case again.

Dion didn't even want to go back... but seems like he's reassured by my system ;)

Book review
Making your mind up - Jill Mansell

This is not officially part of my SRT list but hey! I read it during the specified time period.

I always enjoy Jill Mansell. This is not heavy literature - it is definitely chick-lit, but enjoyable chick-lit. I got a little irritated with Lottie Carlyle because how can you let your (very young) children tell you who you can and can't date?! Grrr.

However, it all works out beautifully. This was a nice weekend read to relax with and I gave it an 8.

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