May 10, 2007

Do you menu plan?

Menu planning.

It is probably the one thing I do that saves me the MOST time every week (besides Google Reader, of course, but then you're tired of hearing me rave about this).

It is also going to save you money when you start using up all the freezer food and stuff at the back of the cupboards.

Note - you must do this BEFORE you go to the shops ;)

1. Go to your freezer and cupboards to see what food you have that you need to use, and make a list.
2. Write out a menu plan for a week (if you do weekly shopping) or longer, if you want to do so. Download menu planner & shopping list
3. Add any items that you need to your weekly shopping list and do shopping.
4. Stick the menu plan to your fridge.

Now you don't have to rack your brain every night wondering what to cook. You have a PLAN.

I also have another habit going where I cook something most Sunday afternoons. This is not for eating that day, but for freezing.

So when I have to work late or have lots on the go (like judging the challenge), I just defrost two meals because I freeze individual portions. It's like having a built-in Woolworths, only healthier ;) And when my cupboards are full of plastics, I know I'm not cooking enough!

We went through a stage where we didn't buy any meat for two months while we finished everything in the freezer and started on the cupboards. You see, we all get into a habit of buying the same groceries every week without checking if we really need it.

So this coming week, I'd like to encourage you to menu plan. And if you already do so, then your challenge is to only buy perishables this week and eat from your freezer and cupboards.

So, do you? Let me know in the comments.

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Suzanne said...

This may sound really bad BUT, I have a wonderful mother who lives 2 miles a way and not only do my kids go to her house after school, we get to eat dinner at her house 4 out of 7 nights a week. Friday night is pizza, movie, popcorn night home, Sunday I always make a big crock pot dinner, and Saturday we typically go out to eat. Most of the reasons are because I don't have a kitchen! =) The joys of remodeling!