April 16, 2007

What’s not serving you?

Sometimes we keep on doing things simply because we're in the HABIT of doing them and not because they actually serve us anymore.

I'm not talking about the good habits as in this month's newsletter.

Let me explain.

You go through a really busy period at work and work until 6pm every night. After that, it's become a bad habit so you continue to do so even though there's really no need. But it's no longer serving you. You could be enjoying the extra time at home with your family, exercising, taking up a new hobby, etc.

Or you might have a bookshelf full of books you don't like or need to have. It's no longer serving you.

One more...you have 5 sets of bed linen for your guest bedroom. You have guests twice a year and never even get past set 3 on the shelf. That's no longer serving you.

When we first got internet at home years ago, we were happy enough with dial-up. But as my business got increasingly busy, it has definitely NOT been serving me ;) I've been spending hours on the computer writing blog posts, newsletters, e-courses, and so on.

I finally got my act together this week and got us fast, wireless internet. Wow - the difference is amazing. I've already shaved hours off my computer time.

So my challenge to you is to jot down 3 - 5 things in your life that are no longer serving you. And let them go.

They can be anything from kitchen utensils, crockery and table linen to old appliances to bad habits. Anything.

Tell me what you're going to let go of in the comments below.

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