April 02, 2007

Spring Reading Thing – book #2

Book review
1000 best quick & easy organizing secrets – Jamie Novak

This book is chock-full of great tips!
It is divided up into many different areas like rooms (and then she goes room by room, giving you tips in each area), paper, the office and computer (my favourite), different types of clutter (mental [we are going to deal with this on the Simplify your Life e-course], family, financial).

My favourite section was the last one, which is how to maintain it all once done. I haven’t read many organizing books that deal with the last, and often most critical step, so well.

I’ll share just one good tip from this book.

When you give directions to people, attach a photo of the front of your house so that it is easy for them to find.

I am going to be taking a photo of my house this week so that I can attach it to my Directions document on my computer. I always say “it’s a big green wall – you can’t miss it” which is true but a picture is even better.

Have you joined the Spring Reading Thing?

How are you doing with your reading?

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