April 18, 2007

Reach out today

I'm so happy because we have a gorgeous, overcast, rainy day here in Johannesburg. Hope the weather is great wherever you are.

You know what? Too many times I come across stressed clients because they don't want to delegate or ask for help from others.

Is this you? Are you a lone ranger?

Some worry that they'll be perceived as being incapable or inadequate just by asking for help. That's not so.

Of course, we all know people who are at the other end of the extreme so if you do ask others for help ALL the time, then that's another matter entirely! Call me - you may need some help :-)

More often than not, you may end up taking a long time to finish something just because you want to do it all YOURSELF. Let go of your perfectionism.

When you're used to reaching out, it becomes easier to ask someone for help. And to get you in the mood, start doing one SMALL thing every day to connect with someone else.

1. Smile at a stranger
2. Wave at a fellow motorist!
3. Talk to the car park attendant
4. Say hello to a blogger you don't usually talk to
5. Talk to the person in front of you at the bank or the shops
6. Send an email to an acquaintance and build a relationship

Some quick examples:

There is a guy I see regularly who has the most beautiful smile. So one day I told him ;) And since then, he and I regularly exchange a bit of small talk.

Last year when blogging was all still fairly new to me, I happened upon an interesting blog. One day I emailed her, we exchanged some emails and made friends, and she visited me from Maputo when she was on holiday in South Africa last December. And how cool is this? We're seeing each other again today when she sleeps over in Jhb for one night.

Okay, so leading by example, how am I going to reach out?

Heather, quite a well-known blogger (although I'd never heard of her), was diagnosed with a form of brain cancer. The blogging community has really rallied round this family in a remarkable way to raise funds for the treatment. The internet is such a wonderful tool. So even though I don't know her at all, I am going to reach out by sending her an email, my prayers and some money. Oh, if you're interested, go read the story over at Boomama's place.

Edited to add
After battling with Paypal most of this afternoon (it doesn't like my two main credit cards), I was finally able to donate some money ;)

19 April - edited
Oh my word, when I checked tonight, over $10 000 had already been collected. Awesome!

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