April 12, 2007

My first traffic fine

Yesterday I received my first traffic fine in the mail. R100 – not too bad. For travelling at a speed of 83km in a 70km zone.

The only problem is that the picture displayed was not of my car. This one was silver and had a tow bar (mine is black with no tow bar).

The registration number was correct, perfect to the last number. When I read the “first notice’ carefully, I saw that I was supposed to have been in Roodepoort (Ontdekkers Road) on 7 March when the incident occurred.

That was definitely not me. I never go to the west rand. Just to make absolutely sure, I also checked my diary and saw that I didn’t even leave the office. That was the day of the Stephen Covey talk and I left the office at about 5.45 for the first time that day.

So I phoned up the nice people at the Roodepoort Metro Police and explained my story to a guy there. He suggested that I put all that (my looong story) in a letter and fax it to the Prosecutor, together with the notice of the fine.

Which I did. So now I wait and see.

Just to feel safer, I made a photocopy and am keeping it in my car, just in case I get stopped.

I sent the letter to Dion to have a look at (after it had been faxed) and he writes back

V. nice. I like your spacing.

Such a romantic!

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