March 07, 2007

What's inside your wardrobe door?

You know how I'm always going on about goals?

Well, one of the things I always tell people is to write down their goals and stick it up somewhere. You do know that just writing it down is 50% of the way there???!

Here is a picture of the inside of my wardrobe (closet for the American visitors).

In the top left corner, I have my health chart. Here I write down my weight, fruit, veg, water, exercise minutes, etc. If you go to my website, you can download a free health chart.

In the top right, I have a calendar and then directly below that is my Goals page. That particular one is from Goal-Setting Forms, a book I bought from Gary Ryan Blair. However, I sent out a nice goals form to my mailing list in January.

Beneath the health chart is a yellow card with my success beliefs. Some things on here are "I believe in my ability to win every day", "I'm ready for success" and "I let go of the small stuff to focus on what's important".

Beneath the goals list is something I've had for about 10 years and that I treasure very much. Dion and I used to run cell groups and I was always thinking up different icebreakers. With this one, each person gets a page with their name on the top. You pass the page around and all the other people write 1 thing about that person. People wrote such nice things about me (weird - almost all about how organised I am...freaky) and that's why I treasure it.

Oh and of course, as a bonus, you can see how I organise my necklaces and bracelets. Yes, all it takes is a couple of hooks and it's all done.

Now, more to the point, what do you have on the inside of your wardrobe door?

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Anonymous said...


I just looove the way you organize!
I'd love to make my wardrobe door look the same, but I don't use it a lot... (unbelievable but true!!)

Keep up the good work, I'll be reading along!!

(Don't mind the mistakes, I'm not English or American ;) )

A new fan