March 09, 2007

Stephen Covey facilitation - Wed 7 March 2007

I went to a Stephen Covey thing at Exclusive Books (Nelson Mandela Square) on Wednesday evening in the pouring, pouring rain. In retrospect, it wasn't much good (for me, because I've heard all this stuff before) but you never know with these things until you're there, right?! It was also logistically very difficult - not enough chairs so more than half of us were standing, couldn't see the screen properly, and so on...

I always look for at least one “take away” from anything (book, movie, etc) – this is more so I don’t feel like I’m ever really wasting my time.

There was quite a bit on organizational leadership like the difference between a leader and a boss, and so on…if you're into all that.

But the one thing I really liked was the first thing Mbuyi (the presenter/ facilitator) said – in each and every cat there’s a lion waiting to come out. In other words, there’s greatness in each and every one of us.

So my questions for you this Friday are:

  1. What is the greatness inside of you that's waiting to come out?
  2. What are your great passions?
  3. What is the message that only you can bring to the world?

Let me know if I can help you discover your greatness.

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