March 15, 2007

Empower yourself today

There's nothing quite as empowering as just doing something to stand up for yourself. We can simply talk about empowering yourself until the cows come home. But you'll never feel what it does for you until you take some action.

Let me give you a couple of small examples:

1. I took my car in for a service once and the manager then dropped me back at the office. He immediately took out his cigarettes and said, "you don't mind if I smoke, do you?".

Now at that point, I could have just sat idly and taken the easy way out by saying, "of course not, go ahead". However, I really don't like cigarette smoke because the smell gets into my hair and clothes. So I decided to be assertive and said, "well actually, I do mind".

He was a bit taken aback but put those cigarettes back immediately. And I felt empowered by standing up for myself. Of course, I was barely out of the car when those cigarettes were out again. LOL

2. Another instance happened at the gym recently. I was in a low and tone class and the instructor tried to get the gym assistant's attention to bring some more equipment. It was not working so I smiled and he caught me smiling.

So he comes over to me and asks ME to go get the equipment. Now remember the class was in session and I'm a type A-exerciser (get in there, get it over with, get out of there). For a few seconds my brain was in a go-slow mode and I ALMOST just caved in.

But then my brain kicked into gear and I thought, "hang on a sec. I've come here to exercise and not to run around doing other people's jobs so I said, "no thanks, I'd rather not". You had to see his face!

Now that felt empowering because I stood up for myself.

So my coaching question for you today is this - how can you ACT in an EMPOWERED way today?

Share and post your answers in the comments.

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