March 23, 2007

Daily steps for success

I consider myself tagged by Ali.

"Compose a new blog post listing the top 5 to 10 things that you do almost every day that help you to be successful. They can be anything at all, but they have to be things that you do at least 4 or 5 times every week. Anything less than that may be a hobby that helps you out, but we are after the real day in and day out habits that help you to be successful."

These are some of the daily things I do that result in my success.

1. Drink lots of water
In 1998 one of my goals was to start drinking 2L of water daily. The first two weeks were horrible but then when my body adjusted, I found that I loved it. And that has been part of my daily routine for the past 9 years. I really believe that’s one of the best things I do from a health point of view.

Of course, since March last year I’ve been eating 5 fruits and veg so that could be another good habit.

2. Say “I love you” daily
I tell Dion every day that I love him, and that he’s gorgeous and talented and cute. I joke with him that we need at least 13 hugs and kisses daily (I don’t know where I plucked the number 13 from) but it’s true. This is one of the ways we have a successful relationship.

3. Schedule and plan my day
A schedule is just a plan of how you intend your day to go. It doesn’t always work out and I can guarantee that it will never go 100% as you planned BUT it is better than having no plan at all. You know the old saying, “people don’t plan to fail; they fail to plan”. True. My days definitely go better with a plan and my faithful to-do list.

If you haven’t already read it, read my “Eat the frog” article and be sure to download your to-do list.

And if all else fails, ask yourself, “what’s the best use of my time right now?”

4. Read a lot
One of my mottos for life is “so many books, so little time” and now recently “so many blogs, so little time”. I have to read every day – that is absolutely not-negotiable.

I have a reading goal of 7 books every month – 5 fiction and 2 non-fiction. Sometimes I get carried away and skip the non-fiction totally. I’m adventurous like that. LOL

Anyway, I really believe that leaders are readers, and I always want to be learning something new. I worked with someone once who used to be shocked at the amount of money I spent on books – for work! And I remember saying that if I learnt just one principle to save me 10 minutes a day, it would be worth it. That’s my approach to reading – I just want to get one thing out of it. And usually I get stacks, judging by all the post-it notes sticking out.

5. Take a genuine interest in people
In my youth (!) I just seemed really curious about things but of course now, as a coach, it serves me very well. I am a very curious person and I do genuinely take an interest in people. Those of you who take the time to email me (thank you) will know that I like to fully engage. When I ask “how are you?” I really want to know. I think this is key to my success, not just as a coach, but as a human being. In fact, I often won’t totally open up to people if I don’t feel that they actually care.

6. Move on quickly
By this I mean that I’m very forward-focussed. If something happens, I try and learn from it quickly and move on. Dion says “too quickly sometimes”. I try to always look for the upside to situations.

For about two years, I manually sent out my newsletter. Then when the website launched, I sent everyone an email to click the link. I did it properly with reminders and so forth but I still lost probably about two-thirds of my subscribers. That’s a lot! I then said to myself that the people who made the move with me probably are meant to receive my stuff. See?

Okay, there you have it. I could write a lot more but I don’t want to bore you to tears before the weekend.

Now, what are your daily action steps for success?

If you’ve coached with me or come to a Discover Yourself workshop, you know that one thing I always ask you to do is define your own success. So in terms of this exercise, don’t think of success only in terms of work, finances, etc. Instead, think of your whole life.

If you have a blog, please post the link in the comments. And if you don’t, just type straight into the comments.

Just a quick reminder that the Simplify your life e-course starts this Sunday. Read more and book your place. Please send me an email once you’ve booked so I can add you to the distribution list.

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Hi Marcia:

Great list! I LOVE that Brian Tracy book too. I was also tagged to write my Simply Successful Secrets. Check out my post. :)

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