February 27, 2007

Why I blog...

I was tagged by Beth and ... Oh My Word, it’s my first tag, so *blush*

Well, I blog for many reasons. It couldn't just be straightforward with me, now could it?

I blog because
  1. It's fun. And highly addictive.
  2. Hardly any South Africans do it (this is the most popular SA blog) and I like to be different. Hey - I'm being honest. Although it is now getting a bit much when people say, "what? what's a blog?" Grrr
  3. It gives me a writing outlet. Now imagine what my head would be like, swirling with all the stuff I thought about, and couldn't give a voice to. Not only that, but my writing has improved, just through the regular practice of putting thoughts to paper/ keyboard. And since one of my goals is to write a "proper" book one day, I have to keep writing.
  4. It's a place I can be accountable, like with the goals challenges. And not only that, I can see my progress.
  5. I find that because I'm blogging regularly, I tend to look at the world in a more focussed way. I pay more attention to things because I know I want to tell you about them. And of course, I've always been weird with looking for coaching examples in normal, everyday life situations, but blogging has definitely made it worse/ better (depends how you see it).
  6. I love sharing things. When I find a good book, good recipe, good blog, free stuff, I like to share.
  7. It's a central place to store articles, pictures, etc.
  8. It's a great way to meet like-minded people who also hear things saying "buy me, buy me". Over on my organising blog, I am meeting stacks of people through menu plan Monday, tackle it Tuesday (for the procrastinators amongst us) and Works for me Wednesday.
  9. I'm learning techno-stuff. Now all the real techies are laughing out loud but for me, this is techno-stuff!
If I think of any more things, I'll add them but that's enough for now!


Beth said...

These are great reasons! I didn't know you were the most popular SA blog. That is so cool! Definitely another spending fast. I'm trying to decide between March and May. What do you think?

Marcia said...

No, not me - tertia!!!

Tertia said...

welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! it is lots of fun, and highly addictive