February 18, 2007

Weekend cooking - chicken lentil curry

Be warned - this is a low-fat, healthy version.

200g onions, diced
400g chicken, cubed
400g cooked lentils (you can use sugar beans/ kidney beans/ in fact, any legumes will do)
1 can tomato, chilli & onion mix
Curry powder, tumeric & breyani masala (I buy this, readymade, at the Indian shops)
1 tablespoon olive oil
Garlic & ginger
Salt & pepper

Brown onion in oil.
Add chicken pieces, curry powders and cook until the chicken is done.

(I would normally add a potato, cubed, if I wasn’t on weigh-less but that is now a thing of the past)
Add can of tomato mix and let cook through
Add lentils last otherwise they get mushier (is this a word?).


Since we're only having this for supper tomorrow, my apologies that it is not nicely presented on a plate!

Serves 4
On weigh-less, 1 serve equals
1 medium fat protein
1 low fat protein
2 vegetable portions
1/3rd fat

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