February 23, 2007

Health & fitness goals - week 3

This is my weekly check-in on my health and fitness goals


February is almost done and I have STILL not met my fitness goals this week. I made it for the two cardio classes but did absolutely no toning/ weights.

Why? The cardio classes are my dance classes, which are FUN for me so it’s not an effort to go. The toning class on the other hand involves a hectic dash through peak hour traffic to try and make it (I’ve always been 5 minutes late) and I hate driving with my shoulders up near my ears from all the stress. I’m funny that way.


My goal is to stick to my weigh-less programme at least 90% of the time. I decided to go totally back to basics so I have been planning all my meals to fit into the Weigh-Less formula. This week, I did very well sticking to the programme but this is my hormonal week so the scale is not kind!

I didn’t officially weigh but the scale was up 0.4kg! I say officially because I sneaked/ snuck into the Weigh-Less class and quickly stepped on the scale while the group leader was out of the room. We have a new leader who is very harsh and doesn’t even consider a 0.2 – 0.4 kg loss to be a loss. And this week, being hormonal, I did not feel up to having my self-esteem swept out from under me. Hence me not officially weighing in.

Those of you who have been reading my newsletters for some years know that I don’t believe in sticking around people who diminish you and knock your self-esteem. It is just not healthy. So that is exactly what I did here – I protected myself.


Again, no problems here. This is easy, easy, easy for me. I told Dion I sleep like a baby and he says nooo, there has never been a baby in history who sleeps as much as you do. LOL


Again, this is easy for me to do. Not only is it scorching hot here in Johannesburg (up in the 30’s every day), but it is also a habit.

One of my goals in 1998 was to start drinking 2 litres of water daily. Well, the first two weeks were terrible. I really just forced it down. But after that, once your body gets used to it, it’s so easy to keep it up.

If you battle to drink water, fill up a litre bottle every morning before you have breakfast and make sure you get through it by around 4 o’clock (glass with breakfast and lunch, another one at 11.00 and at 3.00). Then have a glass of water while you’re preparing supper and one with supper. And you’re done with the minimum of 6 glasses. If you exercise, have another 500ml and as easy as that, you are done!

That’s where I’m at this week. I’m realizing that I’m not Superwoman and I can’t make my body produce exactly the results I want, when I want. And that’s hard.

But enough about me, how are you doing? (As always, I’m going to post this on the blog so you can post your successes/ challenges/ comments on your own goals).

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