January 18, 2007

Update on Spiritual Goal

As I mentioned in the newsletter, I am focussing on building good habits to support my goals this year. For January, the category I've chosen is spiritual.

I posted an update on the blog on the 10th Jan but just wanted to give you another update.

So my "broad" goal is to grow spiritually. Some of the mini-goals to get me there are to read my Bible each and every day, to listen to one audio tape a week and to listen to more Christian music and less rubbish (you know what I mean).

Well, I've shared about how the Bible reading is going...great. I am being very disciplined and reading my Bible first before any reading for pleasure.

So how are the other things going?

So far I've listened to only one teaching tape. I am thinking that it probably will go like this because I do long cooking in the kitchen (for an hour or longer) only once a week.

Then an interesting thing happened.

I started off listening to only one worship song on my way to the office and one on the way back. But I found that the stuff on the radio started sounding more like a waste of my time (except my 80s of course) and I'm listening more and more.

This week I have been switching to the radio only for the news and the little inserts like Battle of the Sexes (mini quiz show - men vs women). Isn't that interesting?

I'm reaching my goals because of these reasons:

1. I chose small things to incorporate
2. I didn't stress about doing things perfectly. Rather, I just did them.
3. Initially, I've had discipline but then momentum took over.

Anyway, enough about me.

How are your goals going?

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