January 01, 2007


This is the area that I'm choosing to focus on in January.

This month, I want to read my Bible each and every single day. I'm not saying how long because then I get into the all-or-nothing mode and start feeling guilty when I don't achieve.

I'm starting one day at a time and will check back in next week!

Who of you are joining me with this as your section to focus on?

Otherwise, please feel free to choose any other section and post your intentions in the comments.

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Marcia said...

Well, I'm pleased to say that so far, I've read my Bible each and every night, even when I only finished other stuff at 12 midnight.

What has helped for me is to first read the Bible and then my book (I didn't do this every night but most nights).

And also I'm using a different Bible (it's a magazine format so seems more "fun") to keep it fresh!

How are you doing with your goal area?