January 09, 2007

Are you due for a service?

My car has to be serviced every 15000 km. because I only remember when it hits 15 000, it's a mad rush of phone for a booking and get the car in.

That happened yesterday.

And everything was fine-ish. Apart from only getting to work at 10am. And being driven through peak hour traffic by a madman who wanted to get back to the dealer to finish his shift at 5pm (no, we didn't make it - we were 10 minutes late). But everything with the car was fine.

They tell me that when a car goes in for a service, they check a gazillion things, change oil and reset some other stuff. Details, details...

So I got thinking about how everyone always gets their car serviced on time. And yet...
We are so much more important than cars, which we can easily replace.

We should have a life audit or as I like to call it, a life service, every 6 to 12 months. During this time, we should check some things to see if they're still working, change other things that are no longer working, and reset yet some more things.

So do me a favour, even if you don't believe in goals (my answer to this is, "oh, so you don't want to be a better person and improve your life, because that's all it really is, folks), make a date with yourself tonight, just for 15 - 30 minutes, or longer, if you want.

And take a notebook, pen and a cup of coffee/ tea with you and do your life service.

Because you're worth it!

If you need some help, I still have places available on the goals programme.
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P.S. I must learn to save things before I try to publish. I just lost a looong nicer version of this post now. Infuriating.

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