January 03, 2007

how to save thousands

"What was the best thing you did this past year and why?"

The best thing I did last year was start blogging - I learnt so much from all the other blogs I read and of course, learnt skills I wouldn't otherwise have had when I started this and the other blogs.

And I made some wonderful blog buddies -
some of which have actually visited with me .

On the financial side, waiting before I spent money is the best thing I did.

I took a spending fast in May (
someone on another blog was doing this – incidentally, we are now accountability partners/ coaching one another as we're both coaches! And that came about only because I left comments on her blog) because I was spending too much on too many books, e-books and courses.

After the month was over, I bought one thing straight away but found that other items I "had to have" during the month didn't seem that important. So my new rule was wait a week and if you still want it, then get it.

And this way, I saved hundreds of rands!!!

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