January 23, 2007

Grahamstown, one of my favourite places

And now you can see why!

Dion and I were down in Grahamstown for a friend's wedding in December and while I was there, I met up with a coaching client.

We met at a coffee shop and just look at that delicious chocolate cake!

Check out the file to her left on the table. She was super-prepared...and I was super impressed!

We were both so energised by the session - A left full of good ideas and I left absolutely pumped up by teaching her how to make her dream a reality.

Now that I'm back up here and she's still down there, we will coach either in my online chat room (I've tested it and it works - yippee!) or via email. Don't you love technology?!

By the way, Dion and I met at Rhodes University so we had to take a picture somewhere on campus. All you old Rhodians out there, do you recognise where this was taken?

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