January 28, 2007

Book review: How to say No... and live to tell about it - Mary M Byers

When I bought this book initially, I was looking for some extra tips to include in upcoming time management coaching programmes.

Well, I got that and a whole lot more. 39 really good chapters with titles like People-Pleasing, What If There’s No One Else To Do It? And Practice Makes Perfect

There is a whole section on what you should be saying YES to in your life – like your passions, your family, etc.

I like the way this book is written – the chapters are about 4 pages each, so you can easily read 2 at a time every evening and not feel overwhelmed. She also has some “discovery questions” which in my mind are just like coaching questions at the end of each chapter to prompt your thinking.

And as Barry Ronge used to say, this one gets a resounding 9 from me.


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