December 21, 2006

Don't settle

I first laid my eyes on this beauty when I was shopping for a colleague's going-away present.

I couldn't get it out of my mind and longed for the day when it would be mine. (A lot of you have this same obsession with shoes - mine is handbags and wallets).

Then we went to Thailand. I promised myself that I'd look around Thailand and Malaysia and if I found a better one, I'd get it. Otherwise, I'd buy it when I got back. Well, I kept my eyes open and looked at wallets galore but nothing compared to this one.

So the day after we landed back in Johannesburg, I went and got it. I'm so glad I didn't settle…

It seems that everyone loves this wallet as much as I do – everywhere I go, I get comments from friends, cashiers, complete strangers, like "wow, that's so beautiful" and I beam with pleasure.

I'm so glad I didn't give in to instant gratification and settle for a quick-fix wallet. Or a more acceptable colour. I totally went with my heart.

Because if you settle with things like this, you'll settle with the big things in life too, like a marriage partner, a house, a job, etc.

My message to you today is Don't Settle!

By the way, go over to the
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