December 22, 2006

Thank you & Merry Christmas

Thank you to all of you for reading this year and to many of you for becoming friends first, and then clients. It has been wonderful interacting with and impacting you.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have a wonderful time with your families and travel safely.

Just before I go, don't forget to book your early bird place for the
From Drab to Fab workshop

and also remember to reserve your place in the 2007 Goals Programme.

Until 2007 (ooh, isnt' that exciting?), I wish you much love and success

Marcia Francois
the Take Charge coach

December 21, 2006

Don't settle

I first laid my eyes on this beauty when I was shopping for a colleague's going-away present.

I couldn't get it out of my mind and longed for the day when it would be mine. (A lot of you have this same obsession with shoes - mine is handbags and wallets).

Then we went to Thailand. I promised myself that I'd look around Thailand and Malaysia and if I found a better one, I'd get it. Otherwise, I'd buy it when I got back. Well, I kept my eyes open and looked at wallets galore but nothing compared to this one.

So the day after we landed back in Johannesburg, I went and got it. I'm so glad I didn't settle…

It seems that everyone loves this wallet as much as I do – everywhere I go, I get comments from friends, cashiers, complete strangers, like "wow, that's so beautiful" and I beam with pleasure.

I'm so glad I didn't give in to instant gratification and settle for a quick-fix wallet. Or a more acceptable colour. I totally went with my heart.

Because if you settle with things like this, you'll settle with the big things in life too, like a marriage partner, a house, a job, etc.

My message to you today is Don't Settle!

By the way, go over to the
organising blog to see how I organise my wallet.

December 19, 2006

Please help me out with some research

Hi everybody

Are you having a good week so far?

This week's organising challenge is posted here You can read more about the Christmas challenges and please feel free to comment! You can also catch up on the other organising articles and check out the photos.

Please give me a few minutes of your time

Now that I have your attention, please go to this link and answer the quick questions. You'll be helping me with planning for next year and I'll help you with your holiday spending! How? Read on.

As you complete the last question, you'll be directed to the download link for your gift.

Oh, and before I forget, remember to read more about the new goals programme and remember to book your place now. You can make 2007 your best year ever.

Thanks in advance and have a great week!

Love and success
Marcia Francois

P.S. For your free gift, Organise your Home, go here.

December 15, 2006

Make 2007 your best year ever!

Do you want 2007 to be your best year yet?


Well, I'm pleased to announce the first annual Take charge of your Goals programme.

Keep reading and you'll find out exactly how you can make it happen next year.

I keep getting emails from people saying "I can't believe the year is nearly over" and "where did this year go?". Can you relate?

This is the time of the year when I start to think about what I achieved this year, what I could have done differently and what my goals for next year will be.

I'm sure you do the same???

This year, I'm very happy with my progress in most areas of my life. But you know what? It wasn't always this way.

I remember a time when I used to get to the end of the year and feel frustrated and unfulfilled because it seemed like nothing went right and I'd wasted my time. You see, I was busy but not effective.

I didn't know that I could achieve my goals through putting a few simple things in place and that it really would be easy steps!

Now I've learnt about planning my steps, I accomplish way more than I intend to every year. And it's been this way for the last 8 years!

I learnt the hard way but there's no need for you to do the same. As your coach, I know you can be more productive, and have more time and less stress, all while getting exactly what you want out of life.

I know that you want more for your life. And I want it for you too.

So, going back to the first question I asked you, do you want 2007 to be your best year ever?

How would you feel at the end of next year if you accomplished what you'd set your heart on?

Think about this year again.
1. Are you at your goal weight? Do you have health, vitality and fitness?
2. Is your family thriving? Do you have an awesome relationship with your spouse and kids?
3. Is your home an organized sanctuary?
4. Is your business ticking along as you want it to?

Do you usually kick off the year full of hope and big plans only to settle back into your usual habits by the second week or Jan, or 1 Feb?

Would you like to start 2007 off on the right foot?

Do you want next year to be different? The year when you can say it all clicked into place.

Wonderful - then you're in the right place.
So what is the Take Charge of your Goals programme all about?

What it is:
A chance to work one-on-one with me to identify your key goals for 2007 and start achieving them. You'll set a realistic personal plan with ways to navigate any obstacles.

A one-hour first session followed by three 20-minute sessions once a week for the next three weeks.

Start date:
A mutually agreeable date, either this year or in January

Type of coaching:
Either telephone, on-line chat or email

How it works:
After your payment is received, I will send you a goals questionnaire to complete and return by email 48 hours before your first session. This questionnaire allows you to focus on your goals and allows me to see what ideas you have thus far.

After each session, I will email you a short action plan together with any resources/ tools/ etc. that we agree on.
You have unlimited email support during the course of the 4 weeks.

First session:
This is to review the questionnaire, brainstorm and work with me to define your goal and plan your action steps.

Subsequent sessions:
Feedback from last time, brainstorm further ideas, tackle more action steps and keep you on track.

Every person who registers for this programme will receive a free copy of my goals workbook,
12 steps to achieve your goals and also unlimited email support.

The package I've put together for you, which includes the four coaching sessions, goals workbook, summary action plans and four weeks' email support, has been valued at R1600. But I've decided to offer this programme for only R750 because I want you to have a great 2007!

OR if you just want the first one-hour session, then book for a laser coaching session. You still get the goals workbook and a summary action plan but you only get one week's email support. This option, while valued at R620, will only cost you R300.

Claim your spot now!

I will be restricting the participants to only 15 people in order for me to give the highest level of support and service.

Don't miss out on (what could be) the best year of your life.

Let's make it happen in 2007!

December 12, 2006

My dentist is a hottie

So I'm watching TV a few months ago and I see my dentist in a Colgate toothpaste ad. Imagine my surprise/shock!

Me: That's my dentist!!!! (I actually do talk in exclamation marks)

D: You didn't tell me your dentist was a hottie (she's female)

(good thing I'm secure, hey?)

So there you have it, people - my dentist, Dr Shaffner, is a hottie.

In addition to being a hottie, she is also the kindest, most gentle dentist ever! And exactly the right type of dentist for me (a true scaredy-cat).

When I first phoned up the Bedford Centre, I told the receptionist, "I need the nicest, gentlest dentist you have." And she said (without missing a beat), "oh, that'll be Dr Shaffner".

She was right and 4 years later, I still feel right at home with her.

I went for my annual check-up on Thursday last week and got the low-down on the whole ad/ filming thing. That, and a filling, of course.

So if you're looking for a good dentist, I heartily recommend her. Just remember, even before this burst of stardom, she was already in demand.

So don't be surprised if you have to wait a month before you get an appointment. Remember, she's a star!

December 06, 2006

What's your "ness"?

I went to see the movie You, Me and Dupree with Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson and Matt Dillon a few weeks ago. While a lot of it was quite silly (I don't go for slapstick comedy as a rule), the end was just beautiful.

Dupree is a loser-type person who moves in with his friend and his new wife (Matt Dillon and Kate Hudson). He continually messes up throughout the movie but helps the newlyweds to sort out their problems by helping his friend, Carl, to find his "Carl-ness".

He really comes into his own at the end and becomes … a motivational speaker, just like Tony Robbins. If you don't know who Tony Robbins is, then that's sad. Please do a google search.

So at the end of the movie, Dupree himself finds his "ness" motivating audiences to find their "ness".

My "ness" is helping people to reach their goals and I do this by helping you, yes you, find more time, less stress and increased personal productivity.

So people, what is your "ness"? What makes you tick? What is your passion and life mission?

Leave your answers in the comments below.

If you want to find out what your "ness" is, I can help you through a personal coaching session or through my
Find your Mission worksheet

December 01, 2006

The Dec newsletter is out - Enjoying your holidays

Hi everybody

This month's issue of the newsletter can be found here.

In this issue
1. Inspirational quotes
2. Featured workshop – From Drab to Fab
3. Marcia's monthly motivational message - Enjoying your holidays
4. Products and services
5. My reading room

6. Organising challenges
7. On a personal note
8. In the blog

9. Coach's corner
10. About Marcia

Read this month’s issue…but before that, let me take this opportunity to wish you a fabulous Christmas and a very merry New Year!

Love and success

World AIDS day

Today is World Aids Day.

Here in South Africa, approximately 6.5 million people are HIV positive. Most of those 6.5 million are between the ages of 19 and 34, so basically if you take a group of my peers, statistically speaking, 1 in every 5 people is infected.

Scary, scary thoughts. There were some more scary stats on the news like…less than 50% of all current 15-year olds will actually reach retirement age!

About two weeks ago I was changing the channel on TV when I happened upon a documentary about HIV & AIDS in a mining community in SA.

The journalist was interviewing sex workers in the community who all said that none of the men want to wear condoms and if they do, then they have to give them a discount. So instead of paying R150 (about $20), they get to pay R120 (about $17).

I was horrified and could not believe it. These women are knowingly risking their lives for so little money.

Then she interviewed the men and asked them if they use condoms. ALL of them without exception said, definitely not! Why? Because "it's like eating a sweet with the wrapper on".

Can you believe it?! I was horrified at the carelessness and thoughtlessness.

And to top it all off, they go back to visit their families once every couple of months, sleep with their wives and infect them too.

My view is fine, if you want to kill yourself, go right ahead, but please don't hurt innocent bystanders like your wives and kids.

I couldn't help thinking that no wonder the AIDS pandemic is so widespread. It is not a new disease and everybody knows people who are dying from it, and yet...these men don't care enough about their lives to take precautions.

Just today, a guy at work said this - every Saturday in the township, just in his neighbourhood there are about 10 funerals.

Isn't this crazy? Or am I being overly dramatic?