November 30, 2006

Why complicate things?

Look at these gorgeous muffins I made the other day.

They tasted even better than they look and you know what? They're from a pre-mix with just a dash of creativity*** added.

So I got to thinking about how we like to complicate things and why. Is it because we want to be "perfect" or do we just over-analyse things?

Especially us women! We want to be Superwoman, doing everything from scratch, cooking a "perfect" meal every night, taking two hours to make an authentic dessert, (fill in the blanks) ________________________ and so on.

It's okay to use cake, muffin and cookie mixes. It's okay to ask your guests to bring a dish instead of stressing and trying to do it all yourself. It's okay to say no if you don't want to go to a function. You get the picture...

So now, especially as we go into the Christmas season, try and simplify your life.

Make a To Not Do list for this period and stick it up on your fridge so you are constantly reminded.

P.S. These are the Golden Cloud muffin mix and I thoroughly recommend it.

I've used the Vanilla, Chocolate and Savoury mixes and they are all good. The other day when I stocked up with some more I practically raved to a mother and daughter in the baking aisle.

***This recipe is Vanilla Muffins and I added a 100g Cadbury Caramel Chocolate slab which I roughly grated into the mix. It gets messy in preparation(with all the chunks) but the end product is oh so yum when all that chocolate melts during the baking process. Enjoy!


Ali la Loca said...

Looks totally yummy!

I never seem to use baking mixes but this seems like a great way to start.


Marcia said...

Ooh Ali, they're so easy.

I must say, I don't use them for everything but these particular muffin mixes are just so easy and yield such good results. And one packet makes 24 muffins.

Anonymous said...

I've tried the Vanilla muffin mix and I LOVED it! I do prefer Chocolate, so when I read that there's a Chocolate premix, I had to know: Where did you buy it? I've never seen a chocolate premix. Only savoury, bran, strawberry and vanilla. If you could let me know, I would really appreciate it!

Marcia said...

Anonymous, I buy them at Pick & Pay. It's the Golden Cloud range and I think they retail for R14,99.

BTW, the chocolate is not as good as the vanilla. You know what's nice? Taking a slab of Cadbury's, melting it just a bit and grating that melting goodness into the mix. It is DELICIOUS!