November 05, 2006

Thailand Neighbours & self-esteem

Every evening before supper, Dion and I would go back to our room and read a bit before our showers.

I would read on the balcony and our neighbours would do the same. The one evening we got talking and had a good old chat.

They were two 22-year-old Australian girls from Sydney. During the course of the conversation, I found out that they'd both been abused in their relationships - the one verbally (they'd finished with one another) and the other physically (she was still seeing the guy).

Of course I was horrified - two charming, attractive girls with "heaps" (I think it's an Ozzie thing) of enthusiasm and zest for life. They appeared to be so confident but there must have been some self-esteem issues. Why else would they stay in relationships for so long with men who have such a little respect for them?

If you know me, I really have to hold myself back so that I don't just take over and say "you must leave him immediately. Like phone him right now and get rid of the loser".

I did my coaching thing though, trying to encourage them but not come across too pushy which is soooo difficult.

Anyway, I am seeing more and more of these kinds of issues which is part of the reason I'm doing the From Drab to Fab workshop. You can read more here.

If you need a confidence or self-esteem boost, please come along and let me help you.

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