November 22, 2006

Success is like...growing watermelons

Remember I told you a few months ago about year to success? They send you an email every week day on a different aspect of success - it's really cool. You should go sign up. Click the link and it will take you directly to the page.

Anyway, in today's success email, Bo Bennett talked about having it all.

Success is "like growing watermelons... you have to sacrifice some watermelons by cutting them off when small to give other watermelons a better chance to grow to full size".

This is SO true. I like to say that you can have it all, but not all at the same time.

And Bo is right - sometimes you have to reduce some activities in your life to give your other watermelons the opportunity to grow to full size.

An example is cutting off or reducing your social life when you're studying for exams, trying to get a business off the ground, focussing on a big goal.

Now, especially as we go into the Festive Season, it's impossible to do everything. So think about which watermelons you have to sacrifice in order to let your bigger watermelons (family, etc.) grow.


Mauricio said...

Hello Marcia!

Nice blog, congrats:o)

Hugs from Brazil

Marcia said...

Hi Mauricio

Thanks for visiting all the way from Brazil!!!