November 17, 2006

Someone's looking out for me

and it's God!

Two things happened this last week that just made me feel so special.

1. When we were in Thailand, the vendors sold a lot of these types of handbags which I instantly loved. However, I didn't quite like the fabric (lots of very dark colours which I find boring) or the price in most instances.

So on Saturday I went to Pick 'n Pay (as many of you know, I'm a proud and loyal P&P shopper) to do some shopping and saw these. They were so gorgeous and at such a good price (R59,95) I just had to have not one, but two! I love the style and the beadwork.

2. Do you know the magazine Every Woman?

Well, I am on their events mailing list because I love learning and going to workshops. In fact, if I wasn't doing so many myself, I'd go to more! So I got an email advertising an event on Sat 18th Nov from 7pm that I really want to go to.

Only thing is, we have a pantomime from 10 - 2 in the morning, a lunch for Dion's gran straight afterwards and I want to go to this in the evening. A bit much but I know it would be a wonderful opportunity to show off my fancy new business cards, as well as have some fun.

I emailed to check if they're doing another one and... this one's been postponed to 2 Dec when my calendar is completely free. I just about did the happy dance!

Of course, I booked, paid, emailed proof of payment all immediately.

I love, love, love when things like this happen. Don't you?

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