November 08, 2006

Out with the old, in with the new

I have had some new business cards made which are just stunning!!!! Or so I think. (I'll have to take a photo and blog it).

Why? Well, mainly because when the first lot was printed, the website wasn't up and running and so when that happened, I started writing in the URL which I don't like because I'm lazy and prefer things to look nice all on their own.

So now we use those to give out our addresses and phone number, and I used them as luggage tags (I read this tip somewhere and loved it).

The process of doing these was so very different compared to the way I did the first batch way back in January.
  1. This time, I knew exactly which colours and fonts I wanted.
  2. I didn't ask anybody what they thought - I did what felt right for me. Last time, I was back and forth with friends "do you like this or that?"
  3. I knew what "image" I wanted the cards to portray
  4. I knew what to put in but more importantly, what to leave out.

If you see me around, remind me to give you a new card. Otherwise if you attend any workshops, you'll definitely get some.

And if you have more than one, help me to advertise by saying something like this to your friends (assuming you have some LOL)...

I think you'll be interested in this site. There are some cool checklists and tips and stuff... And people who are like us will get excited by that. Trust me!


Teresa Olckers said...

I normally just tell people: "I know you'll love this site" or "I know you'll benefit from this site.

Teresa Olckers said...
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Teresa Olckers said...

The business cards do look great, from colour to font!!!

My first comment when I saw it was :"very professional".

Marcia said...

Thanks, Teresa.

That's why I gave you a stack. I know you're prmoting me at your work when I see all the notifications of new people signing up at that email address which I won't mention here!