November 27, 2006

New Simple Savings calendar

Hi everybody

Just a quick post to let you know that Simple Savings, an Australian website, has their new 2007 calendar out.

You can download it and start setting your FINANCIAL goals for next year.

How it works
Each month you set a financial goal.
You decide how you will work it into your lifestyle.
You also mark off how much you save every week and month, and how you will reward yourself at the end of the week and at the end of the month. (If you've bought my goal-setting workbook, you know that I always suggest that you build in rewards).

For example
Let's say you usually pay R15 every day for lunch at your canteen.
Your goal is now to bring your own lunch every day. This might cost you R5 at most (and I'm being very conservative).

Daily saving R10
Weekly saving R50 and monthly saving R200

Now you can reward yourself with a nice, long bubble bath every week and maybe at the end of the month treat yourself to a coffee date with a friend.

You see? Easy.

Now go over there to get your calendar so we can get you to your financial goals!

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