November 16, 2006

Ask the coach - on being a good wife and parent

My biggest challenge is how to be the best parent and wife possible on limited time while working and trying to discover my faith - F

Thanks for your question. I love this question because it's where so many people are at.

First off, F, it is clear to me that you define success for yourself by being a good mom and wife.

This is great because it already tells me that you are focussed on this as a goal for your life. And you know that the Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus on, you naturally attract more of into your life.

You also mention that you're trying to discover your faith. You're going to need time for this to reconnect with God.

So here are some practical tips:
  1. Realise that you're not superwoman and that "good enough" is okay. Everything doesn't have to be perfect and we all have 24 hours in a day.
  2. Decide on 1 small goal every week in the different areas of your life - family (as wife and mother) and spiritual. It could be something like have a coffee with just your husband, spend 30 minutes quality time with your child every day and 10 minutes praying.
  3. Schedule the time in because you will never just have time. You have to make time.
  4. The key is to start building some good habits. Once you have the habits going, you can always add different things.
And before you know it, 2 months will have passed and you'll see that your relationships will have improved with your husband, child and God, and this all in BABY STEPS!

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